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Hess Equestrian riders


"Let's get on and ride!"
That's a typical phrase from Justin at the start of many lessons.
Even from the ground, he participates in each ride as if we were in the saddle together.  He rides every stride with me, feeling the horse's movement from a distance.  He channels his experienced feel of the reins into my hands by synchronizing his aids with mine.  Justin always finds the link between horse, rider and coach that unites our team.
As a late-blooming equestrian, I needed a diligent and steadfast guide to achieve my ambitions of eventing.
Justin has focused my motivation into a rigorous program of groundwork, flatwork and dressage training.
Hess Equestrian riders


When I ride, I connect with my horse to reconnect with myself; our partnership creates a sense of peace.
But my busy mind can offset that delicate balance.
Justin has helped me develop my skills to establish a deeper, more subtle contact with my horse.
 Hess Equestrian riders


When I first acquired my horse Saxon, a 16.2 Oldenburg, I was terrified of him.
Justin patiently helped me build my confidence by establishing a safe and supportive training program.  So I was able to overcome my fears by learning to trust myself...and to love Saxon.
Now, on a perfect day, we move together as one, united by a mutual admiration and understanding.  Saxon’s kind nature puts me in an emotional high.  His eyes make me melt because he knows what I’m thinking: we see each other.
Hess Equestrian riders


As a young girl, I dreamt of riding wild horses.
Decades later I finally got on one of ‘em wild horses. 
Learning to ride late in life was a joy.
Sadly, I sustained an injury which absolutely challenged my confidence as a rider.  Thankfully I now train with Justin. He is a kind, generous, and awesome coach who has helped me build my trust with the horse and take my riding to a much higher level.

Smiles all around.
Hess Equestrian riders
Hess Equestrian riders


Have you ever wanted to train your own young horse so you could develop a lifelong partnership?
To help me achieve that goal, Justin teamed me up with Tigh, a 4 yr old TBx.  Five years later, thanks to Justin’s attentive coaching and training, Tigh and I have become successful dressage partners.  Justin patiently guides us both, so we can solidify our foundation to confidently progress into Third Level training.
Belinda Trussell, a Canadian Dressage Olympian, has praised Justin’s masterful training.
Hess Equestrian riders


For all the times I’ve been told that Tag, my Rocky Mountain gaited horse, “Can’t do that”, Justin has proven “Yes he can”.
I met Tag when he was an adorable 3 year old.  From the very beginning, Justin has helped me develop Tag’s mind, body, spirit...and skill.  Each day brings us another steady - and fun - step forward; Tag and I love learning as a team.
Over the years, our bond has created unforgettable rewards.  Justin has shown me that together, Tag and I can do it all.
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